Our Tuscany marble mosaic tile is a popular solution for upmarket residential or commercial projects. Marble naturally translates into elegance and with various designs to choose from, it offers endless options to perfectly work towards the desired look.

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Athens Grey Long Herringbone

Athens Grey Small Hexagon

Carrara Long Herringbone

Carrara Penny Round

Nero Marquina Chevron

Pietra Dark Short Herringbone

Wood Light Grey Small Hexagon

10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty
Multiple Faces
Mesh Back

Natural Stones

There is nothing like natural stones to bring that authenticity of style in your home. Whether it’s in tile format or beautiful mosaics, natural stones add class and elegance to any space in your home.


The Tuscany mosaic range is designed so that the pieces interlock with each other to create seamless appearance.


Available in small and large hexagon, chevron, small and large herringbone, fish scale as well as penny round, the Tuscany marble tile opens up endless options to turn your internal or external wall surface into a trendsetter’s delight.


Tuscany mosaics range offers endless options to perfectly work towards the desired look. From traditional to modern styling, Tuscany is suitable for any design ideas.

A Trendsetter’s

for endless design options.

FormatColorFinishMosaic SizeSheet Size
Small HexagonCarraraHoned30mm312x292mm
Athens GreyHoned30mm312x292mm
Wood Grey LightHoned30mm312x292mm
Pietra DarkHoned30mm312x292mm
Large HexagonCarraraHoned75mm312x292mm
Wood Grey LightHoned75mm312x292mm
Athens GreyHoned75mm312x292mm
Pietra DarkHoned75mm312x292mm
Nero MarquinaHoned75mm312x292mm
Short HerringboneCarraraHoned25x50mm300x300mm
Athens GreyHoned25x50mm300x300mm
Wood Grey LightHoned25x50mm300x300mm
Pietra DarkHoned25x50mm300x300mm
Long HerringboneCarraraHoned25x100mm300x300mm
Wood Grey LightHoned25x100mm300x300mm
Athens GreyHoned25x100mm300x300mm
Pietra DarkHoned25x100mm300x300mm
Nero MarquinaHoned25x100mm300x300mm
Wood Grey LightHoned30x950mm300x300mm
Nero MarquinaHoned30x950mm300x300mm
Penny RoundCarraraHoned20mm diameter305x305mm
Pietra DarkHoned20mm diameter305x305mm
Nero MarquinaHoned20mm diameter305x305mm
Fish ScaleCarraraHoned80x70mm260x260mm
Nero MarquinaHoned80x70mm260x260mm




Not all sizes, colours and finishes are available in each state. Please contact your Sales Representative, Local Office, or check on the Stoneworld Portal for availability, full terms and conditions of sale and further information on our products. Tiles may vary in sizing, weight, colour, pattern, veining, texture, durability, density, surface and finish from batch to batch. Slip ratings serve as an indication and may vary for each batch of tiles. The test result of tiles may change subsequent to delivery, through the laying process, during the completion of the building work, or through wear and tear.

It is recommended that a new test be performed for each batch of tiles if a slip rating certificate is required. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and are not an exact representation of the product.

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